Welcome to my Orchestrator Integration Pack Repository.

This site will serve to share packs which extend the inbox functionality of Orchestrator.

Current Packs

Over time, the packs on this site will change, as bugs fixes are applied, along with new functionality and even new packs. As time permits I will upload fresh code, however these might not always make it to a release which includes a pre-compiled IP file, However I will ensure to compile these any time major functionality has being validated, or quirky bugs squashed.

In Development

In the repository at the moment, I am working on the following Packs, these are not yet released as compiled files, as some additional work needs to be completed.
  • Active Directory Utilities
    • Bitlocker Key


As I continue to work on projects, many new pack requirements will appear, and my plan is to create these as the need is encountered.

If you would like to help, please feel free to contact me, and if you are good with Icons that would be very much appreciated.

Additional information regarding this project can be found at My Blog http://www.damianflynn.com.

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